Blessing or curse of the digital revolution

We live in a digital age. Everything around us such as mobile phones, internet browsers, smart speakers, security systems, cars, TVs, watches and even our ovens, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers are watching us and collect and receive information about us. They know the who, where, what, why, when and shape of us. They even can now detect our emotions. They know if we are happy, sad, disappointed, depressed or excited. They also know what and when we eat and with whom or if we love someone. We are always watched by our smart phone, smart TV and all smart devices and gadgets we have. It is ironic our TV watches us as well as we do.

The consequence of this is that we generate and give out a huge amount of information about ourselves and our actions and intentions. The information can used for and against us. The trouble is that if the information falls into wrong hands because of hacking, phishing or any security vulnerability, we may become a victim of identity theft and sensitive personal or business data can be disclosed to people who do not have our best interests in mind. This information comes handy if a dispute or a criminal offence occurs. You can ask a computer forensics expert to collect and document all the information relevant to the case so that we or our lawyer can use it in our defence or make a complaint or claim on our behalf.

Computer forensics experts have the knowledge and skill to extract all this information in a format that makes sense to us and to our legal advisor. They have the tools to analyse the extracted data and find out who did what and when and where it happened.

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