Computer Forensics Consultants’ Areas of Expertise

Mobile Forensics

One cannot imagine one’s day or even night without the use of a mobile phone. A mobile phone is not only a means of commmunication but also used for imaging, scanning, shopping, internet search as well as a front-end to access government services such as passport and visa applications among other things. We also use it to payfor parking, goods and services. Nowadays we even remotely control our smart appliances, heating and CCTV cameras at home or at work. Additionally and critically, mobile phones can act as a live tracking device providing GPS and location information about the owner of the mobile phone. Therefore, the forensic analysis of mobile phones (or cell phones as it is called in the US) is the most important source of digital evidence which must form the focal point of any computer forensics investigation in any criminal or civil case. Computer Forensics Consultants specialise in mobile forensics and have been professionally trained to extract evidence from all Apple and Anroid mobile phones.

Advanced Data Recovery

Advanced data recovery expertise allows our computer forensics consultants to recover data from faulty hard drives, mobile phones and USB memory sticks or external hard drives which are physically or electronically damaged or have been sabotaged in an an attempt to prevent discovery and gathering of digital evidence stored in such drives.

Data Security & Data Theft

If your company or business has been subject to data theft from your company database and sensitive or business critical data has been disclosed or passed to your business rivals by a disgruntled emplyee or contractor, we can help you. We will find all the incriminating evidence stord in your computer network and/or the laptop used relating to the data breach and present it to you.

e-Disclosure and Litigation

Our expertise covers electronic disclosure and discovery in cases your company is subject to a government investigation for a breach or non-compliance. Relevant electronically stored data will be located, summarised and presented in a compliant format in line with your company’s legal obligations. We will provide you with litigation support where necessary.

Digital Document, image and video validation

In our digital age, you cannot always be sure that an image, video or digital document is genuine or has been forged or doctored. Examination and validation of digital artefacts becomes essential if they involve rights and privileges or they carry entitlements, bank statements, share certificates, property titles, power of attorney or a will. Quite often a business or a private individual or their lawyer need to ensure such important documents, images or videos are originals and have not been doctored or forged. Computer Forensics Consultants can examine such digital artefacts and verify their originality and certify them so that any potential fraud is prevented.

Internet Banking Fraud

Internet and banking fraud is rife in the current climate where all banks have transistioned to online banking and more and more digital banks have been established. Online banking and the transition to digital banking has provided ample oppurtunity for fraudster and hackers lurking online who have taken advanted of any opportunity to defraud unsuspecting or gullible businesses and consumers. Computer Forensics Consultants can help to expose these fraudsters and find evidence to their detriment and conviction.

Financial Crime

Committing financial crimes such as fraudulent digital transactions, money laundering, tax evasion, emebezzlement, forgery, terrorism financing using digital means are just some of the faces of financial crime in which computers, mobile phones, cloud computing and the dark web is used to commit such crimes. Computer Forensics Consultants are well-equipped to discover and investigate such crimes and gather evidence for companies, law enforcement, litigators and prosecutors. We will be able to provide behaviour pattern analysis and footprinting for such crimes and present compliant and professional technical reports.

Computer-related Fraud

Computer-related fraud include document forgery, image forgery, misrepresentation, identity theft, email interception, internet fraud and any fraudulent activities involving computers, mobile phones, cloud computing and hacking. Computer Forensics Consultants are trained to deal with all types of computer-related fraud by investigating and identifying them whatever digital media the fraudsters might have been using.

Intellectual Property

If you believe your company or business intellectual property has been violated by a former employee, contractor or rival business, we can investigate the breach by looking through data in your computer network and databases and individual user computers and workstations. All the digital trail relating to the IP breach or theft will be analysed and relevant evidence will be presented to you for further action.

Online Bullying & Stalking

One of the biggest issues for users of the internet and social media, is online bullying and stalking which can cause a lot of distress and extreme anxiety leading to mental illness and affect the individual’s quality of life. An ex-partner, ex-employee or any other ex or rival can start a relentless attack on you or your business using social media and cause a lot of unwanted stress and damage. Our computer forensics consultants can uncover such behaviour and document all relevant digital evidence so that the perpetrators are held into account and prosecuted if necessary.

Child Pornography

Computer Forensics Consultants backed by extensive experience since 2007, will be able to assist law enforcement and defence lawyers the correct digital evidence stored in computers or mobile devices to prove or refute any offence related to child pornography.