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Computer Forensics Consultants

Digital Forensics Services For Legal Professionals and Private or Business Customers in London

Computer Forensics Consultants can extract all digital evidence stored in social media, emails, photos, videos including geolocation information revealing where, when and by whom the digital footprints were created. Expert findings are then documented and exported to a detailed technical report admissible in any court of law in England and wales.

Digital Forensics Investigations into Digital Devices

Finding the right kind of digital evidence in whatever device it is stored, has a serious impact on the outcome of any legal case or claim. In addition to that, it is important that right kind of people investigate the case and analyse the digital evidence otherwise, the case will be in jeopardy. We have seen many cases dropped by the courts because of wrong kind or inadequate digital evidence. Computer Forensics Consultants are professionally trained to acquire, investigate and analyse any data contained in digital devices such as computers, mobile phones, memory sticks/cards, hard drives, smart appliances, networks, CCTV cameras, backup drives and cloud storage spaces for evidence required in any litigation, malpractice proceedings, dispute resolution, compliance or IP theft including criminal or civil cases in Crown Courts in England and Wales.

Cyber Crime Investigations

Nowadays a substantial chunk of our daily life is spent in the digital space via accessing the internet for social media, messaging, research or other forms of communications such as Instagram or WhatsApp using mobile devices or computers. Our consultants specialise in investigating cyber crime involving hacking, breaking into personal or business networks, banking fraud, digital forgery of images or documents, data theft, breach of privacy, email interception, malware injection, computer fraud, cyber stalking, social media harassment, revenge porn and online bullying. The analysis of digital evidence from any digital source such as mobile phone, computers, tablets, social media accounts or smart appliances will enable us to produce a technical report which will help our clients in their civil or criminal case presented to any UK Crown Courts.

Video, Audio, Email, Document and Image Forensics

Our digital forensics team can forensically examine computer logs, document and image folders, email containers, audio/video files for evidence collection or forgery discovery on computer drives, mobile phones and other digital devices. We have the ability to recover files that have been accidentally or intentionally deleted, tampered with or modified. Our computer forensic experts will retrieve, restore and reconstruct all file fragments and other digital artefacts to create a full picture of the digital crime by time-lining and foot-printing it.

Computer Forensics Consultancy Services

We acquire, analyse, identify and report on digital evidence from a range of technological devices; including computers, mobile phones and CCTV systems. This involves using various industry standard forensic hardware and software tools. We have been involved in cases which include criminal activity, insurance fraud, family disputes, employment tribunals, business data theft, internet banking fraud, computer crime, email interception, digital document validation, image validation and intellectual property theft. MORE ON COMPUTER FORENSICS SERVICES..

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